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Is your class ready to explore?  School trips are our specialty!  Hawaii Wilderness trips are perfect for year end/spring break school trips, Freshman experience week, Waldorf trips, Home School groups, or as an educational supplement to natural science classes.  Teachers often find that a week of camping helps a class bond and makes the school year run more smoothly.

The activities available for your group are listed below.  Choose one, or combine activities for a multiple day course.  We’ll work with you to find a good fit for your organization.  The cost is approximately $135 per person, per day.  Up to two teachers/chaperons can come free!  All local transportation, food, group camping gear and at least two trip leaders are included.  To enroll, read over the activities below and contact us with approximate dates, number of students and course interests.

“The trip was a great success.  I felt there was a balance between nature, culture, education, and fun.  The final evening was another highlight.  We continued the closing circle back at school and took several days to finish our goodbye’s.  I think it allowed the students to feel a true sense of closure and paved the way for a very wonderful graduation ceremony.”                     -8th Grade teacher, East Bay Waldorf School

Waipio Valley Taro Farm / Waterfall Hikes

Waipio Valley is a cultural treasure, and one of the most sacred places in the Islands.  Known as the “Valley of the Kings,” it was once a flourishing community of Hawaiian royalty. A few families still live and farm in the rustic valley.  They keep Hawaiian culture alive by harvesting traditional taro crops and making poi.  We’re fortunate to be able to camp in the valley.  Experience the history and culture of this place by learning from a local farmer and helping him work in his taro patch.  We test our limits by climbing the challenging “Z-trail” for the best views of the valley and a rewarding dip in “Queen’s Bath.”  Finally, we hike, climb and swim up a riverbed to incredible 1,000 ft. Hi’ilawe Falls.  When it’s over, you won’t want to leave the valley!  (1-3 days)

Waimanu Valley Backpacking

Ready for adventure?  Waimanu Valley was once a place where ancient Hawaiians lived and thrived.  Now its many waterfalls and black sand beach are enjoyed by only a few hearty backpackers.  We begin our hike traveling in the footsteps of King Kamehameha, through sacred Waipi’o Valley.  The trail requires fording rivers and ascending steep valley walls where the views are unbelievable.  After the extremely steep “Z-Trail” section, we enjoy miles of majestic pine and eucalyptus forest before making our final descent into Waimanu.  Day two is a well deserved rest in this remote wilderness.  We may see endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals basking in the sun or be able to eat tropical fruit from the trees.  We spend the day relaxing on the beach, playing games and learning low impact camping skills.  On day three, we reflect on our amazing accomplishments while hiking for home.  After this very challenging 20 mile trip, you’ll agree Waimanu is a true paradise.  (Requires 3 days)

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

With its vast, ever-changing landscapes, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has been honored as a “World Heritage Site” and “International Biosphere Reserve.”   There’s no place on earth quite like it!  On this course, we enjoy pristine rainforest, craters, steam vents, lava tube caves, and even top notch snorkeling.

The adventure begins on a four mile hike through the rainforest and steaming crater floor of Kilauea Iki.  We end the day giving back to the Park with a service project eradicating invasive plant species.  The next day, we embark on a challenging eight mile hike, descending and ascending 2,400 ft. to the coast.  On the trail, we’re rewarded with sweeping coastline views, fantastic lava tube caves and unforgettable snorkeling in protected tide pools.  This is an area of the Park most visitors never explore.  It’s an experience to remember!  (1-3 days)

Sailing on Hilo Bay

Sailing and sea navigation were important skills for the Polynesians who sailed to Hawaii. Taught by yacht club instructors, students will learn basic sailing techniques.  We learn hands on by sailing “Sunfish” in beautiful Hilo Bay. These small, two person boats are perfect for learning.  They’re fast, wet, and fun!  (1-2 days)

Environmental Service Project

We help several outdoor agencies; such as The Nature Conservancy, Volcanoes National Park, and the Hawksbill Turtle Recovery Project, to preserve some of the most remote and wild areas of the island.  Students may find themselves preserving endangered sea turtle nesting grounds, constructing fences to protect critical habitat, controling invasive weeds or replanting native trees.  Enjoy the satisfaction of giving back to nature, while learning about Hawaii’s fragile ecosystems and what can be done to protect them.

Mauna Kea Astronomy

At 13,796 feet, Mauna Kea has been a sacred place to Hawaiians for hundreds of years. It is also home to world-class observatories. Because of its pollution-free skies, it’s a prime location to explore the universe. A stop at the Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo will prepare students to experience the cultural and scientific wonders of this unique place. At the 8,000 ft. visitor center (Expect temperatures in the 30’s!), students will participate in an interactive presentation on the night sky using high power telescopes and computer software.  We camp in heated cabins at Mauna Kea State Park, where we may see endangered Nene geese.This is stargazing at its finest!


The Big Island is considered to have the best snorkeling in the Hawaiian Island chain.  As the newest island, it’s underwater topography is the most interesting with caves, reef shelves, tide pools and healthy coral.  It’s lack of sand keeps underwater visibility excellent. Tropical fish and sea turtles abound.  It’s the closest you’ll come to swimming in an aquarium!

SCUBA Certification / Discover SCUBA

We’ve partnered with the 5 Star PADI Center, , to offer Open Water SCUBA Certification.   Students are introduced to a tropical underwater world through classroom time, skills practice in a pool, and open ocean boat dives—all in the calm, pristine waters off the Kohala Coast!  Certification requires four days and is valid for life.  Don’t have that much time?  We also offer a non-certified “Discover SCUBA” course lasting two days.  It’s a great way to unlock the door to a new world!

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