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Our Mission

We consider our program to be a success when we:

  • Foster a love of the outdoors which encourages environmental stewardship in future leaders.
  • Benefit the community through service and cultural understanding.
  • Inspire our students to become better people.


At Hawaii Wilderness, student safety is our first consideration in running a quality program.  As a result of our high safety standards:

  • Our instructors are trained in Red Cross CPR / First Aid.
  • In the backcountry, we carry a Satelite Phone for emergencies.
  • We have preplanned for “what if” scenarios.
  • We always carry an extensive First Aid Kit.
  • Students are closely supervised.

Business Practices

How we approach every course:

  • To provide opportunities for personal growth, this is a student run program.  The students lead, teach each other, cook, clean,  make group decisions, etc.
  • This is not a rehab program.  Although our camps encourage leadership and teamwork, we are not trained to handle  emotional/behavioral problems or addictions.
  • This is not a survival school.  The students eat healthy, abundant meals and have all necessary gear to make camping as comfortable as possible.
  • Our instructors are well versed in local facts to share with our students: Hawaiian history, culture, current issues, flora and fauna, etc.
  • We keep our gear in clean, working condition.
  • We keep an educational focus.
  • Our employees are frequently trained and tested on field practices and safety procedures.


We believe that high moral standards contribute to a more uplifting and positive experience for all.

  • Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are strictly forbidden on course for students and instructors.
  • Sleeping arrangements are single gender only.
  • Clean and positive language is strongly encouraged.
  • We will not allow poor behavior from one student to diminish the group experience.

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